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 Upcoming Support group meetings for Summer 2015 in Los Angeles, CA and Palo Alto, CA have been announced. Details are available at:

The TNA Video Project is a collaboration between TN patients and The Facial Pain Association to raise awareness of facial pain syndromes and to celebrate the Association’s 25 years of patient support and advocacy. Join the Project and let the world hear from you, how this horrific pain can be triggered by something or some action that most people take for granted.

To view TheTNA Video Project site go to:


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"oh, by the way I am off of all medications since the end of January 2013...."
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"TNA FACIAL PAIN ASSOCIATION..   This association was founded in 1990 by ClairPatterson. It was…"
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"So you have to stay on that med after the surgery? I am trying to get off of it. I just can't…"
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"Hello Staci, if you look up trigeminal neuralgia on the internet you will find many articles on…"
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